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  • Education: Girls outperform boys at working together to solve problems

    21 November 2017

    Girls are better than boys at working together to solve problems, according to the first OECD PISA assessment of collaborative problem solving. Some 125,000 15-year-olds in 52 countries and economies took part in the test, which analyses how well students work together as a group and the influence of factors such as gender and social background.

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  • Well-being: New OECD data expose deep well-being divisions

    15 November 2017

    While some aspects of well-being have improved since 2005, too many people are unable to share the benefits of the modest economic recovery that is under way, the OECD’s latest How’s Life? report shows. The report provides further evidence that the scars of the crisis have not healed, as trust in government has fallen in the past decade.

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  • Economy: Switzerland needs to raise productivity growth to bolster well-being

    14 November 2017

    The Swiss economy has shown considerable resilience to shocks, but economic growth remains slow. Further reforms are needed to restore productivity growth, boost incomes and preserve today’s high living standards and levels of well-being for future generations, the latest OECD Economic Survey of Switzerland says.

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  • Environment: We must deal with marine debris

    ©Dimitar DIilkoff/AFP
    22 November 2017

    The world’s oceans are being damaged by an unprecedented accumulation of waste known as marine debris. Plastic waste threatens the access to clean water, releases toxic chemicals that enter the food chain, and menaces marine life and habitats, as marine species risk getting entangled in plastic. By Dulika Rathnayake, OECD Environment Directorate.

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  • Health: Improved lifestyles and better health policies drive life expectancy gains

    10 November 2017

    Better health care, higher incomes, education and improved lifestyles have all contributed to boosting life expectancy at birth by over 10 years since 1970, according to Health at a Glance 2017. Moreover, new analysis in the report shows that halving smoking rates and alcohol consumption would increase life expectancies by 13 months.

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  • The OECD Child Well-Being Portal

    Getting good policy-oriented research about children has just become easier, thanks to our new OECD Child Well-Being Portal. The new portal, which gathers a wealth of trustworthy analysis, documents and data on children, will be an invaluable resource for building better policies for better lives.

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  • How’s life? 2017: Measuring Well-being

    Fault lines run through our society, with divisions by income, age, where you were born, your gender and your education all affecting well-being and opportunities. The OECD’s latest How’s Life? report takes a close look at these challenges.

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  • Crackdown on tax evasion: Why sharing information matters

    Tax havens are in the news this week, thanks to the Paradise Papers. The OECD has long been leading international efforts to fight tax avoidance, for which promoting transparency and exchange of information among jurisdictions is key. The Automatic Exchange of Information portal provides a comprehensive overview of this important work.

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