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Economic Survey of Canada 2014

Canada’s economic growth remains solid. However, the energy-sector boom has widened regional disparities and raised environmental challenges. House prices and household debt have increased to high levels. Skills shortages have emerged.


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    Education Policy Outlook 2015: Key findings for Canada

    Improving the performance of minority-language and Aboriginal students would contribute to better equity and quality of education in Canada. It would also be important to strengthen the apprenticeship system.

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    Making sure students from all backgrounds and origins can fulfill their potential

    (Video) - Most Canadian high school students do well in education, independently of their socio-economic status, their first language or whether they were born in Canada or elsewhere. Provincial governments are in charge of education policy, and the ...

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    OECD Washington Centre

    The OECD Washington Centre serves as regional contact in North America for the full range of OECD activities, from the sales of publications, to inquiries from the media, to liaison with governments, parliaments, business, labour and civil society.

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    Canada and the OECD

    This document sets out when Canada joined the OECD, what its permanent delegation does, and the benefits of OECD membership.