Youth ResearchEdge Competition

To bridge the gap between academic research and policy making and to provide a platform for young researchers to present insights and evidence, the OECD opened a call for papers on topics related to anti-corruption and integrity.

Selected papers will be published on this website, and authors will have the opportunity to present their research at the upcoming 2018 Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum in form of a poster presentation and a 5-minute research pitch (with Q&A). 


Winners Announced!

We are delighted to announce this year's selected Youth ResearchEdge winners! See below for a full list of authors and topics that have been selected. Their papers and posters will be presented at the Forum and posted on this page afterwards.

  • The Revolving Door for Political Elites: An Empirical Analysis of the Linkages between Government Officials’ Professional Background and Financial Regulation - Elisa Wirsching

  • Ideological Cheating - Testing Robin Hood in a Lie Detector - Dar Peleg 

  • Investigating Islands of Integrity: Using a ‘Positive Outlier’ Approach to Understand How Corruption Is Controlled - Caryn Peiffer

  • Building Web Apps to Improve Transparency, Accountability, and Prevent Corruption: A Brazilian Case Study - Bárbara Luiza Coutinho do Nascimento

  • Organisational Culture Drives Ethical Behaviour: Evidence from Pilot Studies - Azish Filabi

  • Corruption, Gender and Migration: what are we missing? - Ortrun Merkle

  • Corruption Risks in Infrastructure Investments in Sub-Saharan Africa - Anita Sobjak

  • Income Inequality and the Level Of Corruption In Europe: Specificities Of Post-Communist Countries - Kristyna Basna

  • Models and Lessons for the Multivariate Assessment of Business Bribery Risk - Virna Di Palma

  • The Ambivalence of Social Networks and their Role in Spurring and Potential for Curbing Petty Corruption: Comparative Insights from East Africa - Cosimo Stahl and Saba Kassa 

  • Disentangling the Corruption-Inequality Cycle in Mexico - Etienne Rosas

  • To Tolerate or not Tolerate Bribery: Can a lack of control over Corruption Determine Tolerance Levels? - Patty Zakaria

  • EU Party Private Financing - Alexander Katsaitis

  • Natural Resources and Money Laundering - David Muehlemann and Stefan Mbiyavanga

  • How Does Political Finance Regulation Influence Control of Corruption? Improving Governance in Latin America - Mariano Valentini, Alvaro Lopez, Mario Rodriguez

  • Administrative Capacity and Integrity in European Local Governments (LGs) - Clara Volintiru

  • Embracing the challenges and opportunities of cross-jurisdictional whistleblowing - Ashley Savage
  • The Degree of Discretion in the Enforcement of Corporate Bribery Cases - Kasper Vagle

  • A map of corruption control flux - Ana Luiza Melo Aranha

Key dates

  • Submission of proposals by 15 November 2017
  • Results notified by 1 December 2017
  • Poster outline due: 15 February 2018
  • Final selected paper due: 15 February 2018 
  • Presentation at Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum: 27-28 March 2018