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  • 11th FTA Plenary

    Tax commissioners will meet in Oslo from 27-29 September 2017 for the 11th meeting of the Forum on Tax Administration in order to build and maintain effective tax administrations in a globalised environment.

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    The Joint International Taskforce on Shared Intelligence and Collaboration brings together 37 of the world's national tax administrations that have committed to more effective and efficient ways to deal with tax avoidance. The JITSIC offers a platform to enable its members to actively collaborate within the legal framework of effective bilateral and multilateral conventions and tax information exchange agreements – sharing their experience, resources and expertise to tackle the issues they face in common.

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  • Blueprint for Deepening the Reform of Collection and Administrative Systems of State and Local Tax Administrations

    The FTA is pleased to share a copy of the State Administration of Taxation's (SAT) plan for informational purposes to illustrate tax administration reform efforts being undertaken. The overarching themes for improving service to taxpayers, strengthening compliance, leveraging technology, streamlining programs, enhancing risk analysis, and building the knowledge and expertise of tax administrators are closely aligned with leading tax administration practices and numerous OECD recommendations and areas of focus.

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The Forum on Tax Administration (FTA) was established in July 2002 to develop a global response to tax administration issues. The FTA aims to influence the environment within which tax systems operate: to move away from a confrontational dialogue to more constructive engagement with taxpayers. It brings together Commissioners from 46 OECD and non-OECD countries to share information and experience and to identify international good practices for resolving particular administration issues.




Tax Administration 2017

Available on 29 September 2017

This is the seventh edition of the OECD Tax Administration Comparative Information series. It provides internationally comparative data on important aspects of tax systems and their administration for 55 advanced and emerging economies.


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