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Publications and Working Papers


This page provides a summary of publications, working papers, policy statements and declarations released by the OECD Development Assistance Committee on the nexus between development co-operation and green growth, climate change and the environment.


Publications and Working Papers


Cover page of the OECD working paper on biodiversity and development co-operation (2015)
  • Biodiversity and Development Co-operation (2015) explores how development co-operation is addressing biodiversity conservation and sustainable use on the one hand, and development and poverty reduction on the other.
 Icon of the green development co-operation landscape in Zambia working paper
 Cover of working paper on monitoring and evaluation of climate change adaptation
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Climate Change Adaptation: Methodological Approaches (2014) explores methodological approaches that can be used to monitor and evaluate climate adaptation initiatives at the project and programme level. It focuses on three challenges and the lessons that can be learned from other areas of development practice: (i) assessing attribution, (ii) establishing baselines and targets, (iii) dealing with long time horizons. 
  • Towards Green Growth in Southeast Asia (2014) provides evidence that, with the right policies and institutions, Southeast Asia can pursue green growth and thus sustain the natural capital and environmental services, including a stable climate, on which prosperity depends



  • Two sets of e-learning materials building on the OECD guidance Greening Development: Enhancing Capacity for Environmental Management and Governance (2012) have been developed by Evidence on Demand. These are:

    • A foundation course - comprising three modules (see flyer)
    • An in depth course - comprising five modules (see flyer)

    Both courses are open-access and aim to help development professionals without specialist knowledge of climate and environment to integrate these policy areas into their projects and programmes. Each module is estimated to take around 20 minutes.

    To access the course, sign up by clicking the link “Click here to enter our new interactive e-learning portal” here

  • For more information on the OECD post-2015 Reflection Series see here
  • Exploring Climate Finance Effectiveness (2013) explores how different communities view climate finance effectiveness; the policies or institutional pre-conditions that facilitate effectiveness; and how effectiveness is currently monitored and evaluated.


  • The report and a policy summary is also available in  French
The Development Co-operation Report: Lessons on Linking Sustainability and Development (2012) is the key annual reference document for statistics and analysis on trends in international aid.
  • The report is also available in French and German. A Short Summary is also available in several languages.
  • The report is also available in French. A Policy Summary is available in French and Spanish.
Strategic Environmental Assessment in Development Practice: A Review of Recent Experience (2012) illustrates how SEAs can be applied in development co-operation by presenting nine detailed case studies.
  • The report is also available in French. 
Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Co-operation: Policy Guidance (2009) provides information and advice on how to facilitate the integration of adaptation within development processes.
  • The report is available in French, Spanish and Portuguese. Summaries are also available in French and Spanish.
  • The report is also available in French.
Applying Strategic Environmental Assessment: Good Practice Guidance for Development Co-operation (2006) provides recommendations and a framework for the application of SEA to development co-operation based on emerging good practice.
  • The report is also available in French, Spanish and Portuguese.
Bridge Over Troubled Water: Linking Climate Change and Development (2005) deals with mainstreaming responses to climate change in development planning and assistance.
  • The report is also available in French.
Environmental Fiscal Reform for Poverty Reduction (2005) outlines key issues faced when designing Environmental Fiscal Reform (EFR) and related technical issues.
  • The report is also available in French.
Integrating the Rio Conventions into Development Co-operation (2002) highlights the linkages between global environmental issues, on the one hand, and sustainable development and poverty reduction, on the other.
  • The report is also available in French.
  • The guidance is also available in French.


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