Climate change


  • Events: Financing Climates Futures

    As part of the Financing Climate Futures initiative, two events: 1) 13 March 2019, Nairobi: High-level breakfast on Financing Climate Futures, United Nations Environment Assembly - 2) 18 March, Berlin: High-level panel on Investing in Low-emission, Resilient Development, Global Solutions Summit.

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  • Responding to Rising Seas - OECD Country Approaches to Tackling Coastal Risks

    6 March 2019 - This report reviews how OECD countries can use their national adaptation planning processes to respond to this challenge. There is an urgent need to ensure that coastal areas are adapting to the impacts of climate change. Risks in these areas are projected to increase because of rising sea levels and development pressures.

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  • Report: Human Acceleration of the Nitrogen Cycle

    November 2018 - This report examines the risks associated with the release of excessive nitrogen into the environment (climate change, depletion of the ozone layer, air pollution, water pollution, loss of biodiversity, deterioration of soil quality). The report also examines the uncertainty associated with the ability of nitrogen to move from one ecosystem to another and cause "cascading effects".

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OECD climate change work is focusing on how to move countries to a low-carbon and climate resilient pathway, and how to improve the effectiveness of the global climate regime.

Key areas of work


WEBINAR Video recording: responding to rising seas

Coastal regions are extremely vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, due to their exposure to the combined effects of sea level rise and intense storm events. Coastal risks are set to intensify in the future, with the potential to bring unprecedented costs to livelihoods and economies.

How can governments identify, prepare for and respond to these risks?

On 6 March 2019, Lisa Danielson of the OECD Environment Directorate and Alexander Bisaro of the Global Climate Forum discussed how OECD countries are responding to these risks, and what more could be done in the future.

The presentation was based on the OECD report Responding to Rising Seas: OECD Country Approaches to Tackling Coastal Risks.




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