Data on Germany

A wide range of indicators on agriculture, development, economy, education, energy, environment, finance, government, health, innovation and technology, jobs and society.


Economic Survey of Germany 2014

Building on the success of past reforms, Germany should continue to further wellbeing by improving financial sector resilience, strengthening productivity in services and making economic growth more inclusive and green.


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    OECD Berlin Centre

    The OECD Berlin Centre serves as regional contact for Germany, Switzerland and Austria, covering the full range of OECD activities, from the sales of publications, to inquiries from the media or liaison with governments, parliaments, business and labour representatives.

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    Germany and the OECD

    This document sets out when Germany joined the OECD, what its permanent delegation does, and the benefits of OECD membership.

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    EPO Outlook cover_V2

    Education Policy Outlook: Germany

    Germany faces challenges to support students with disadvantaged and migrant backgrounds and to continue reducing the impact of socio-economic background on student outcomes while raising performance in academic and VET provision. New initiatives in the field of teaching and teacher training are advisable to support school improvement.