Partnerships with International Organisations





The OECD co-operates closely with a large number of international organisations. Some of OECD’s key partners and other international organisations are presented here:





Through effective partnerships the OECD aims to carry the OECD’s institutional and policy know-how to non-members and to ensure that non-members' views are appropriately included in OECD global relations programme. Partnerships also improve the OECD’s insight into other organisations’ work and experience and thereby help avoid duplication of work.





The form of this co-operation varies, depending on the issues and circumstances, from jointly financed activities or publications, through formal or informal participation in each other’s events, to exchange of information and statistics. An important form of co-operation is the participation of other organisations in the OECD policy dialogue, through, inter alia, observerships in OECD bodies. > more


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