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At the OECD Going Digital Summit on 11-12 March policy makers and other experts met to map the way forward on digital era policy making.

Discussions covered issues such as jobs and skills, high quality broadband access, trade and competition, data and privacy, and artificial intelligence.

Going digital: Shaping policies, improving lives

How can we realise the immense promises of digital technologies and data for growth and well-being? 

Going Digital: Shaping Policies, Improving Lives identifies seven policy dimensions that allow governments - together with firms, citizens and stakeholders - to shape digital transformation to improve lives. 

It also highlights key opportunities, challenges and policies related to each dimension, offers new insights, evidence and analysis, and provides recommendations for better policies in the digital age.

Measuring digital transformation

Sound measurement is crucial for evidence-based policy making, but existing metrics and measurement tools struggle to keep up with the rapid pace of the digital transformation.

Measuring the Digital Transformation: A Roadmap for the Future provides new insights into the state of the digital transformation by mapping indicators across a range of areas against current policy issues.

In so doing, it identifies gaps in the current measurement framework and sets out a forward-looking roadmap.

The goal is to expand the evidence base as a means to lay the ground for more robust growth and well-being policies in the digital era.

Going Digital Toolkit

Our Going Digital Toolkit features interactive indicators, policy guidance and analysis to help countries measure and compare their digital development and develop policies accordingly.

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