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E-commerce has evolved dramatically over the last 10 years. From 0 to 100, the financial and economic crisis has careened more and more users to the web to compare prices and shop for big-ticket items, even across borders. Are consumers safer on line than they were 10 years ago? What don’t they know? Is ignorance bliss? Who and what is there to protect them?

The OECD issued its first “Guidelines for Consumer Protection in the Context of Electronic Commerce” in 1999. At an upcoming conference in Washington, DC, senior government officials, business small and large, NGOs, international organisations and academics will explore how effective the guidelines are and what new opportunities, obstacles and risks consumers face in today’s online world.

But we need to hear from you. What do you think we should be discussing at this conference? If you had a question to ask of e-Bay or Google or the US government or the European Commission or anyone in the field of consumer policy, what would it be? Are you concerned about online privacy? Security? Cross-border disputes?

Here is your chance to ask a question. Or vote for one. Go ahead. Make a difference.

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We will then choose the most popular questions and ask them to the panellists of the OECD conference on empowering e-consumers.


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