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Press release

Reinforcing consumer confidence- key to boosting ecommerce, says OECD

Conférence de l’OCDE sur la protection du consommateur dans l’économie Internet


In the News

Empowering E-consumers: Strengthening Consumer Protection in the Internet Economy [BIAC, Dec 2009]

TACD Urges EU and US Action to Bring OECD E-Commerce Guidelines into the 21st Century [TACD, 14 Dec 2009]

Changes require new thinking [Tech Daily Dose, 9 Dec 2009]

OECD debates e-commerce Guidelines [Tech Daily Dose, 8 Dec 2009]

FTC To Host International Conference on Empowering Consumers in E-Commerce [Interactive Web, 1 Dec 2009]

Confidence and e-commerce [OECD Observer, Dec 2009]

Chile Failing To Connect [The Santiago Times, 26 Nov 2009]

Mobile Phone Merger Raises Consumer Fears [Turkish Weekly, 26 Nov 2009]

Taking the Bat to Piracy [The Wall Street Journal, 24 Nov 2009]

One (Almost) Happy Multi-stakeholder Family At The Annual Internet Governance Forum [Intellectual Property Watch, 24 Nov 2009]

Monitoring and detecting cyber-crime [Daily News, 21 Nov 2009]

Calibrating protectionism [Business World, 20 Nov 2009]

OECD confirms Canada among lowest sources of counterfeiting [, 20 Nov 2009]

Internet shopping rising despite economic downturn [International Business Times, 16 Nov 2009]

Telco ownership rules from bygone era [, 16 Nov 2009]

OECD Mobile Platform: Fueling E-Commerce Growth [iPling, 15 Nov 2009]

Virtual retail enjoying boom amid bad times [Global Times, 15 Nov 2009]

Internet supermarket booms in bad times [AFP, 14 Nov 2009]

It's an ill wind: OECD says GFC has boosted ecommerce [IT Wire, 11 Nov 2009]

E-commerce benefiting from economic crisis, says OECD [Business and Leadership, 10 Nov 2009]

The ins and outs of privacy policies [PhilStar, 9 Nov 2009]

OECD: Mobile phone calls in Finland cheapest in major developed countries [Global Times, 12 Aug 2009]



Consumer Protection after the OECD Guidelines [PIAC, 11 Oct 1999]

OECD: providing consumer protection in electronic commerce [Business America, Sep 1998]


For the Press

This conference is open to the media. To register, journalists should complete the form online or email Brigitte Acoca ( ) of the OECD’s Consumer Policy division. For further information, please contact Spencer Wilson ( ) of the OECD’s Media division (tel. + 33 1 45 24 81 18).


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