• 15-June-2018

    Japanese, PDF, 607kb

    A broken social elevator? Key findings for Japan (in Japanese)

    壊れた社会的流動性エレベーター? 社会的流動性を向上させるには 他国と比べて日本は?

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  • 18-April-2018


    Japan: Promoting Inclusive Growth for an Ageing Society

    Japan has achieved a comparatively high level of well-being: skill levels are high, unemployment is low and life expectancy at birth is the highest in the OECD. Since its launch in 2013, Abenomics has had a positive effect on the economy, and per capita output growth has picked up. However, to achieve inclusive growth and greater well-being, Japan needs to address important challenges to foster fiscal sustainability, narrow the productivity gap with leading OECD countries and manage the demographic transition. A new fiscal plan going beyond achieving a primary surplus should lay out concrete measures to raise revenues and control spending. As Japan’s population ages, using all available talent in the labour market and achieving gender equality are key to overcome labour shortages. Boosting productivity, which has been stagnant, will require increasing returns from R&D, capitalising on the digital economy, fostering the dynamism of SMEs, and reducing barriers to foreign direct investment and trade to promote greater integration into global value chains. Japan’s education system is one of the top performers in the OECD, but there is scope to further invest in teachers and schools. Finally, further action to foster green growth and environmental quality as well as effectively leveraging upcoming international sports events, such as the Rugby World Cup 2019 and the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2020, would also boost local development and inclusive growth. The complementarity of reforms needed to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth in in an aging society makes a compelling case for a comprehensive approach.
  • 6-March-2018


    Measuring Tax Support for R&D and Innovation - country profiles

    The 2017 OECD R&D tax incentive country profiles provide detailed information on the design features and cost of tax provisions used by countries to incentivise R&D performance by businesses, reporting on both long-term and recent trends.

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  • 19-December-2017


    Government at a Glance

    Government at a Glance provides a dashboard of key indicators to help you analyse international comparisons of public sector performance.

  • 5-December-2017

    English, PDF, 466kb

    Pensions at a Glance 2017 - Key findings for Japan

    Key findings for Japan from the report "Pensions at a Glance 2017"

  • 22-November-2017


    OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2017 - highlights by country

    These notes present selected country highlights from the OECD Science, Technology and Industry Scoreboard 2017 with a specific focus on digital trends among all themes covered.

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  • 14-November-2017

    English, PDF, 902kb

    How's life in Japan?

    This note presents selected findings based on the set of well-being indicators published in How's Life? 2017.

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  • 10-November-2017

    English, PDF, 681kb

    Health at a Glance 2017: Key findings for Japan - In Japanese


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  • 10-November-2017

    English, PDF, 373kb

    Health at a Glance 2017: Key findings for Japan - In English

    Japan enjoys the highest life expectancy at birth among OECD member countries and continues to make progress in improving health outcomes. Healthy lifestyles, good access to healthcare and a generally high quality of care have contributed to such favourable health outcomes, all achieved with a level of health spending not much higher than the OECD average.

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  • 4-October-2017

    English, PDF, 482kb

    Preventing Ageing Unequally - Key findings for Japan

    Selected findings for Japan from the report "Preventing Ageing Unequally"

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