Recent and upcoming events in 2019:


5-6 November        

Lima, Peru Meeting of the 9th LAC Fiscal Policy Forum

October (specific date TBC) 

Lima, Peru 8th Meeting of the OECD LAC Network on Regulatory Improvement 

September (specific date TBC)

Cali, Colombia 3rd Meeting of the OECD Network on Open and Innovative Government in LAC

24-25 September   

San Pedro Sula, Honduras 17th Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum

3-4 September       

Brasilia, Brazil 2nd Meeting of the LAC Law Enforcement Network (LAC-LEN) 

27-28 June             

Lima, Peru

6th Meeting of the LAC Corporate Governance of State Owned Enterprises Network

17-18 June

Madrid, Spain 

15th Meeting of the OECD-IDB LAC Senior Budget Officials Network (LAC SBO)

24 May

Paris, France                            

11th Meeting of the International Economic Forum on LAC

23 May                    

Paris, France

8th Meeting of the Steering Group of the OECD LAC Regional Programme  

25 April

Lima, Peru Regional Launch Event– SME Policy Index Latin America and the Caribbean 2019: Policies for Competitive SMEs in the Pacific Alliance and Participating South American Countries

23-24 April 

Lima, Peru OECD participating in the Pacific Alliance Technical Forum of Co-operation with Observer Countries and Organisations

21 February             

Paris, France OECD LAC-DAC Dialogue on Development Co-operation

13-14 February  

Bogota, Colombia OECD Latin America seminar on Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD)

30-31 January     

San Jose, Costa Rica Meeting of the OECD Joint Network of Senior Budget and Health Officials – Budgeting for Results in Health

28 January                       

Paris, France                                                                      

Seminar to launch new Global Policy Perspective Report on "Pacific Alliance & Observer Countries: An Agenda for Co-operation"


Highlighted past events in 2018: 



4 January 2018   

Paris, France   Release of the Digital Government Review of Colombia

8-11 January 2018 

Mexico City, Mexico Secretary General official visit to Mexico

9 January 2018

Mexico City, Mexico Launch of the OECD Competition Assessment of Mexico and the Review on the Governance of Regulators: Accountability, Transparency and co-ordination

9 January 2018

Santiago, Chile Launch of the Productive Transformation Policy Review (PTPR) of Chile

19-20 February 2018

São Paulo, Brazil Skills for Ibero-America Regional Ministerial and launch of the OECD report Skills in Ibero-America: Insights from PISA 2015
26 February 2018 Santiago, Chile Release of the OECD Economic Survey of Chile
28 February 2018 Brasilia, Brazil Release of the OECD Economic Survey of Brazil   
14 March 2018 Paris, France 10th Meeting of the OECD LAC Investment Initiative
26-27 March 2018 Santiago, Chile Launch of the report Revenue Statistics in Latin America 2018
28 March 2018 Paris, France  OECD LAC Regional Programme Side Event on “Promoting Integrity and Strengthening Anti-Corruption Efforts in LAC” - 2018 OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum
17 April 2018 San Jose, Costa Rica Release of the OECD Economic Survey of Costa Rica
18 April 2018 San Jose, Costa Rica 2nd Ministerial Summit on Productivity in Latin America and the Caribbean - Regional Trade Integration and Productivity
28-29 May 2018 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 14th Meeting of the OECD-IDB LAC Senior Budget Officials Network
1 Junio 2018 Paris, France 6th Steering Group Meeting of the OECD LAC Regional Programme
12-13 June 2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina 16th Meeting of the OECD Latin American Corporate Governance Roundtable
3 July 2018 Asuncion, Paraguay Launch of the Multi-Dimensional Country Review Paraguay and Public Governance Review of Paraguay
3 July 2018 Brussels, Belgium Signing Ceremony and 1st Steering Committee of the OECD's implementation of the EU Facility for Development in Transition
5 July 2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina Launch of the report How Immigrants Contribute to Argentina's Economy
6 July 2018 Panama City, Panama Launch the Multi-Dimensional Country Review of Panama Phase 2
23 July-3 August 2018 Trento, Italy 9th International summer School for community and local development in Latin America and the Caribbean
18-20 September 2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina 16th Meeting of the OECD-IDB Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum (LACCF)
26-27 September 2018 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic OECD 8th Fiscal Policy Forum
3 October 2018 Santiago, Chile 2nd Steering Committee of the EU Facility for Development in Transition
3-4 October 2018 Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 7th Meeting of the OECD LAC Network on Regulatory Improvement
16-17 October 2018 Lima, Peru Meeting of the OECD-IDB Integrity Network
18-19 October 2018 Lima, Peru OECD LAC Regional Programme High Level Meeting on Strengthening Institutions & Governance and 7th Steering Group of the OECD LAC Regional Programme
22-23 October 2018 Buenos Aires, Argentina 1st Latin America Regional Meeting of Law Enforcement Officials (LAC-LEN Network) in the framework of the OECD Latin America and Caribbean Anti-Corruption Initiative
12-13 November 2018 São Paulo, Brazil Annual meeting of the OECD/CVM Centre on Financial Education and Literacy in Latin America and the Caribbean