MENA – OECD Working Group I on Civil Service and Integrity (WG I)


The Working Group I on Civil Service and Integrity works in cooperation with ACINET (Arab Anti-Corruption and Integrity Network) to unite policy practitioners from the MENA region and OECD countries engaged in promoting integrity and preventing corruption. It is the leading network to promote a regional dialogue to exchange best practices in the area of civil service reform for integrity, innovative anti-corruption policies and institutions.

Building on more than ten years of experience and aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, the MENA - OECD Governance Programme received a new mandate for 2016 - 2020 to leverage the power of the regional networks and provide implementation assistance in crucial areas of integrity and fighting corruption. The Working Group is currently preparing for a regional report on internal control and risk management as levers to enhance integrity and fight fraud and corruption. 











Deepening Tunisia's Integrity Foundations 



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