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The Company Programme - RevoRootion
Rationale and general information

Private non-profit educational institution with a history extending over 125 years, addressing all levels of education, Anatolia college aims to provide highest quality education, to cultivate high personal ethical values, to promote individual responsibility, to prepare students for democratic citizenship, to foster tolerance and understanding for the rights & opinions of others, to nurture a sense of obligation to society. The Company programme is directly connected with the concept of “experiential learning” which, more than the activity itself, involves planning, acting, observing and reflecting as crucial in making the experience as valuable as possible.

Starting Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2011
Budget and financing sources

Seed capital for the RevoRootion student company of 500€ was given by parents, friends, and teachers

Junior Achievement provided with:

  • Handbooks for teachers and volunteers
  • Information on legal liabilities, health and safety regulations.
Human resources

Special Educational Need Junior Achievement Greece provided The Company Program with volunteer adviser from the banking sector

Teacher of Economics & teacher of Business Management are facilitators of the company’s activity

Technical and Marketing assistance is provided by the school’s respective staff

Sponsorships and business advice are provided by the school’s extended business network ( local suppliers of packaging, greenhouses, irrigation/watering suppliers/importers, professors)


In the Company Program, students set up and run their own virtual company and become familiar with key business functions and processes. The company created, “REVOROOTION”, produces EXAPOT, a device providing an easy way for the consumer to reduce the daily water wastage.

Within business organisation, students are responsible for:

  • Allocation of roles/positions
  • Idea generation, design and selection of the product line based on the user-needs being satisfied, the target group addressed, the product’s feasibility and functionality (technically and financially), the health and safety issues involved, the innovative element of the idea, the competitors’ strength in this market and the uniqueness/competitive advantage of the product under discussion.
    • Raising capital through shares (250 shares were sold at €2 each)
    • Market research and competition analysis including public survey, SWOT and competition analysis
  • Prototyping and eventually production of EXAPOT which includes software programming, electronics, engineering, and managing the supply chain on tight deadlines
  • Elaboration of the marketing strategy for distribution, promotion, and pricing
  • Participation in National Trade Fair

The Company programmes gathers 25 students (11th and 12th grade) from Economics or Business Studies. The priority was given to previous year’s experienced members and 12th grade students, but other students (3-5) have contributed at several stages of the initiative and shared their skills (graphic design, IT)

More on the full case study


  • SEN-JA GR (provider of entrepreneurship programs)
  • Alumni local business network in related fields (information on business operation)
  • Local and foreign suppliers of raw materials used in EXAPOT’s production
  • Municipal authorities: Deputy Major of urban development-expansion opportunity
Success factors
  • Students’ vision for a healthier and greener world
  • Enthusiasm and motivation since students were given the space to be creative, took the responsibility to materialize their own ideas and learn independently
  • Exceptional team working spirit; close interaction with peers, taking into consideration thoughts and feedback received from mentors
  • Contribution from all students in the project’s success, driven by a strong and decisive leadership, but also based on solid underlying business and economics knowledge
  • Solid student-teacher-volunteer collaboration on equal levels that helped the team in successfully focusing on consumers’ needs and identifying its target group, while producing a product with real potential for succeeding in a real market

The student involved in the Company Programme have shown high level of persistence and success in setting and pursuing goals. They have developed:

  • Entrepreneurial skills that are transferable to the professional field
  • Innovative and creative approaches towards challenges
  • Abilities to risk-taking decisions

Though this programme the school:

  • Increased local awareness on “green” products & entrepreneurship
  • Increased the enrolled student number in Economics & Business
  • Improved its image and generated wide media coverage

Built synergy between the school, the students and the local community

Antigoni Pyrovetsi,