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Rationale and general information

We want to give every student as much chances as we can! There is also a strong individual entourage for our students. The project, “practice firm”, was started in 2011, as the government issued a new competence framework for student to fulfill in order to graduate. This competence framework contains a very practical orientation, so it seemed quite logical at the school that practical and experiential learning is increasingly used throughout the curriculum.

Starting Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2011
Budget and financing sources

The school covers the cost of implementation for the project, that includes the right to use the simulation software provided by COFEP

Additionally, the OFISI team organises fundraising targeting local companies and public authorities.

OFISI participates to several contests to raise money through the different prizes available

Human resources

A teacher received a special training to mentor the practice firm. Additionally three language teachers assist the international activities of the firm.


During the course of the year, and after a simulated “job interview”, students get involved for eight hours a week in a “practice firm” in which they have to perform different tasks related to running a business: direction, administration, sales, marketing, purchasing, inventory, and bookkeeping. After deciding on the product and/or service that will be offered, students make a financial plan with all the estimated costs and incomes for the next year, students work in groups to market their product towards other “practice firms” of the network in a fictive yet realistic setup where each firm behaves as a provider and a client.

During the course of the year, several events are organised by the partner COFEP such as trade fairs where students from all over the world present and sell their products to the other practice firm present.

At the end of the year, activities of the students areevaluated by external jury composed of local private actors. This is also an occasion to gives advices to students.

Since its implementation, OFISI Events gathers 5 students from the 7th grade (last year of higher secondary education) of the “office administration” programme.

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COFEP is the main partner for the project. It provided the concept and resources to build a practice firm in KTA, and connects the firm through its international network. COFEP is a member of EUROPEN-PEN network.

Lier city hall maintain close contacts with the principal and mentor, and provides with advice and support

Guests lecturers with experience in businesses come three times a year to give advices to students and their mentors alike.

Success factors
  • All students get a chance to practice each different department of the company;
  • Students learn to solve problems together;
  • Students learn to communicate with each other;
  • Students have closer connection with the real business life;
  • Students learn to know themselves and their interests
  • Rising number of sales each school year, which is the result of a well taught marketing campaign, and indicates an increase in student’s compentecies.
  • Students learn more during the year, they evolve and are more assiduous in other classes. Students motivation to participate in the school’s activities (such as assisting the organisation of parent/teacher meetings and open house days)
  • Students get to know themselves and what their interests are in a future job
Koen Schevenels