Landesberufsschulen Murau

Entrepreneurial Skills Pass
Rationale and general information

Landesberufsschulen Murau a VET schools situated in Murau, the capital city of Murau district in Styria, one of Austria's land.

Together with the teachers and the school’s partners from industry, they develop the competences needed by their students for a professional career. Through the ESP programme, students gain knowledge and skills in multiple areas (planning, management, accounting and marketing). In this way, Murau school achieve the highest quality in vocational education and training.

Budget and financing sources

Students have to pay EUR 20 as examination fee for each of the modules. 

Costs for the ESP programme, including teaching materials are covered by Styria (land budget). The Economic Chamber of Austria (WKO) provides an online learning platform. Teaching materials (DVD and book) are provided by a company (Bitmedia).

Human resources

The ESP programme at LBS Murau is taught by 2 of the 38 teachers.


Throught their participation in the ESP programme, Landesberufsschulen Murau support every student in developing her/his professional and social competences. The ESP is an international qualification that certifies that students (15-19 years old), who have had a real entrepreneurship experience, hold the necessary knowledge, competences and skills to start a venture of their own or be successfully employed.

It includes a full-year in-school mini-company experience; an examination of business, economic and ļ¬nancial knowledge; the possibility to access further opportunities offered by small and large businesses, top higher institutions and international organisation across Europe (more information on 

It is offered to apprentices of all professions (builders, road maintenance, carpenters chimney sweepers) on a voluntary basis. The focus is on the development of personal competences. In addition students get a first insight into what being an entrepreneur/running a business means.

ESP classes are organised after classes in the evenings (2 class units) during 9 weeks with an exam in the end of the programme.

It comprises 4 modules: 3 are organised at the LBS Murau; the final module are organised in the economic chamber

The final exam is the "Unternehmerprüfung" – entrepreneur's exam – which can be recognised as the business and economics exam of the Master examination



Beside the ESP programme, the school’s main partners are local firms as the students work as apprentices for them. Building and maintaining close contacts is an important part of the school’s strategy. 

Success factors
  • Communication, information and co-operation between the school and ist local community. The school’s openness for suggestions, demands, and critique is reflected in how it conceptualises and organises education.
  • There is a vision in the school of education, building knowledge and competences as a continuous reaction to dynamic developments in the economy and society.
  • Students know that that the "Unternehmerprüfung" – entrepreneur's exam will be recognised as a part of their Master exam.
  • There is complimentarily between the ESP programme what is taught in mandatory courses, especially in economics classes. 
  • Approximately 30-50 of 225 students per cohort participate in the ESP programme
  • The students understand how what they learn in school related to reality. They gain an understanding of what they learn in economics classes.
  • There is a good recognition of the ESP programme from the firms
  • The image of the school has increased with some of the school gilds. The school receive more machines and materials from the gilds and their member firms.
Wolfgand Forstner