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Young Entrepreneurs
Rationale and general information

Vision: Entrepreneurship education is about life-wide as well as life-long competence development.

Core beliefs: When pupils work with real projects and can see direct results of their own actions together with others, they realize the importance of their existence. They will get motivated to work, grow and learn in such an extent that they don’t even notice it is hard. If education feels fun, interesting and motivating pupils can see the meaningfulness of their work and about the learning situation. The goal is to light a fire that then with some educational tools, helping hands, and coaching communication will go on burning by itself. They will become their own engine in their learning process.

Values: Entrepreneurship education means that teachers need to take on the role of learning facilitators and active learning methods are required. It also involves projects or themes that creates values for the student (-s) as well as for the target group of the project. By creating values the students solve problems or create projects that has a meaning for an audience inside our outside the school.

Starting Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2014
Budget and financing sources

Educational plan for the teachers are financed from the local department of education in Huddinge municipality

Activities for the students are financed from school, from the local department of education in Huddinge municipality and the business municipality department.

Human resources
  • 10 teachers,
  • 40 business advisers from different companies or organisations outside the school.
  • 2 representatives from JA-YE, Stockholm.
  • Different Personal at Banks, Bookkeeping firms, etc

Student enterprise for a year

  • Objectives of the initiative: To make students practice entrepreneurship to prepare them for the future.
  • Detailed activities:
    • Students come up with a business
    • idea
    • Evaluate it through marketing
    • research
    • Organise business groups
    • Write a business plan
    • Buying, selling and marketing
    • Running the business
    • Networking
    • Financial report

Discover the full list of activites on the case study...

  • JA-YE – Concept, competitions and fairs.
  • FortNox – book keeping
  • SEB – bank account and financial advice
  • Rotary – advice and network
  • Webbstjä – making homepages
  • Microsoft – help in making an app.
Success factors

Engaged people on all levels, from state, municipality, principal and teachers that are willing to work hard and that really believe in entrepreneurship as a useful tool in education. Clear definition of entrepreneurship.

  • The students show idea development and creativity, problem solving, planning skills, organising- documentation, administration, cooperation, evaluating, leadership, marketing, finance skills, sales, written reports and presentations, Self Confidence
  • Award winning students at local, national and European level
  • More and more students want to try entrepreneurship.
  • Improvement of the image of the school and media coverage:
    Articles in Newspapers, magazines, TV-programs.
Michael Lindquist and Helena Palmheden,;