The InnoOmnia Hub

A Learning Community of Entrepreneurs
Rationale and general information

Origins of InnoOmnia were both external – affiliated municipalities and entrepreneurial associations – and internal – enthusiastic team of entrepreneurial teachers.

Starting Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2005
Budget and financing sources

Main activities - trainings, projects and new forms of co-operation - are financed and resourced in various ways, e.g. project funding and sponsoring.

Human resources

Currently, a team of three people manage, administrate and coordinate the services and facilities of the learning community.


The InnoOmnia Hub – A Learning Community of Entrepreneurs

  • Students gain entrepreneurial skills through project based learning
  • Entrepreneurs gain work facilities, support, training and networks
  • Teachers gain professional development, new skills and networks

In 2011 Omnia opened one of its campuses for experienced entrepreneurs and youth start-ups to co-create product, service, and learning innovations together with Omnia students and teachers.

InnoOmnia’s learning community comprises

  • Over 150 entrepreneurs utilizing working facilities, project work, pop-up-premises, workshops & trainings
  • Over VET & university students in projects and work-based learning environments
  • Over 900 teachers in PD-courses

Entrepreneurs apply to join the community.

Working with students and actively contributing to the community is a requirement for everyone.

Read the full case study here...


As a development centre, Omnia has close ties to public and private partners in the region. The world of work blends with the vocational education and training. The growing network of entrepreneurs on campus act as inspiring role models and engage Omnia students in projects.

Mobile technology is used to bridge work and education, making it easier than ever to make all learning outcomes, formal & informal visible.

Success factors
  • Physical space provides excellent opportunities to unexpected connections and co-creation
  • Learning community mixes and matches rich combinations of skills, knowledge, and opportunities
  • In 2013, the Ministry of Education and Culture awarded Omnia with the National Quality Award with special recognition for entrepreneurial learning
  • In 2013 InnoOmnia received the Konsta award for promoting innovation in learning from the Finnish Inventors National Federation.
  • Omnia was accepted as a member of UNEVOC
  • Omnia’s efforts to blend the world of work and VET were recognised in the 2013 WISE book Learning a Living: Radical Innovation in Education for Work.
  • Since 2012, has been a member of the ETF good practice network striving to develop indicators for entrepreneurship
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