Veljko Drobnjakovic - Project

Making juice from wild pomegranate in the old fashioned way
Rationale and general information

The vision of the school is to become a school that enables each and every student to optimally use all their potentials in order to develop as an entrepreneurial person.

Its mission is to constantly improve school ethos, teaching methodology and quality of extracurricular activities in order to create an attractive, challenging and creative learning environment and enable development of key competences for lifelong learning. We need to ensure permanent teacher development and establish close cooperation with local community, entrepreneurs and local companies.

In the process of transforming the school into an entrepreneurial institution, new experiential learnings were created. This activity aims at raising awareness on natural resources and their exploitation.

Starting Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2011
Budget and financing sources

The school has provided with material such as paper, markers, etc.

Sponsors and parents have provided with the necessary equipment and materials for the activity such as trays, tablecloths, protective aprons, medical gauze, blender, the ingredients for the balls, etc . The sponsors and parents also provided transportation for all students to reach the different locations of the activity.

Human resources

One of the parent offered help by demonstrating all stages of production.


The activities, involving 21 students of the 3ʳᵈ grade and 5 students of the Art section (for the packaging design, students from 6ᵗʰ to 9ᵗʰ grade accompanied by their teacher), have been designed by the 3rd grade teacher and aims at:

  • Learning about natural resources rocky mountains offer
  • Creating conditions for pupils to recognize opportunities for future challenges in life.

The project consists of three workshops for a total of eight school hours, organised around the following phases:

  • Planning of the production;
  • Harvesting the pomegranate;
  • Production of the wild pomegranate juice;
  • Designing the necessary promotional material and packaging for selling the juice;
  • Establishment of a small business;
  • Selling the pomegranate juice in the Third National Fair of Training Firms;

Connecting and sharing contacts with many young entrepreneurs in the region.


Grammar school in Kotor, sponsors and parents

Success factors
  • identifies and defines which products are in demand and supply at local and national level;
  • can develop entrepreneurial ideas at the level of classrooms or schools;
  • demonstrate the ability of the individual and team work;
  • show how to make a production plan;
  • take the initiative to establish contacts and cooperation with individuals and groups;
  • show the ability for acceptance of innovation and change;

The project was praised for its outcomes during the Third National Fair of school enterprises, held March 22 in the town of Kotor:

  • the project team were the only representatives of elementary schools and the only young entrepreneurs team who recognized the possibility of a new brand in the unique local wild pomegranate plant, even at the national level;
  • The team made substantial sales of the products throughout Montenegro, established and exchanged contacts with many young entrepreneurs;

The transparency of the school regarding the theory behind the activity and regarding the activity itself was recognized and praised by the regional and national education authority. A intensely high level of collective work has been reached, inspired by the entrepreneurial mind-set. The activities successfully raised awareness on natural resource, nurtured a sense responsibility, creativity and self-confidence amongst students

Ana Souc,