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  • 5-December-2017

    English, PDF, 374kb

    Pensions at a Glance 2017 - Key findings for Spain

    Key findings for Spain from the report "Pensions at a Glance 2017"

  • 15-November-2017

    Spanish, PDF, 766kb

    ¿Cómo va la vida en España?

    This note presents selected findings based on the set of well-being indicators published in How's Life? 2017.

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  • 18-October-2017

    English, PDF, 448kb

    Preventing Ageing Unequally - Key findings for Spain

    Selected findings for Spain from the report "Preventing Ageing Unequally"

  • 5-October-2017


    Government at a Glance

    Government at a Glance provides a dashboard of key indicators to help you analyse international comparisons of public sector performance.

  • 13-June-2017

    English, PDF, 266kb

    OECD Employment Outlook 2017 - Key findings for Spain

    The labour market situation in Spain has continuously improved over the past three years. Employment in Spain, as a share of the population aged 15-74 years, has increased by more than 4 percentage points since the crisis trough in 2013 but it is still 6 percentage points below its pre-crisis level.

  • 14-March-2017


    Spain: Maintain reform momentum to enhance economic recovery and boost inclusive growth

    The Spanish economy is enjoying a robust recovery from a deep recession, with structural reforms contributing to high growth rates and a gradual decline in unemployment.

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  • 9-March-2017


    Mr. Angel Gurría, Secretary-General of the OECD, in Madrid on an Official visit to Spain, 13-14 March 2017

    The Secretary-General presented the 2017 Economic Survey of Spain alongside Mr. Luis de Guindos, Minister of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. He also had an audience with HRM Felipe VI, King of Spain, delivered a lecture on the global economic outlook at Fundación CaixaBank, opened a seminar on innovation and the digital economy at Fundación Areces and participated in a panel on corporate governance at Instituto de Empresa.

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  • 8-March-2017


    OECD Economic Survey of Spain launches Tuesday, 14 March 2017 in Madrid

    The latest OECD Economic Survey of Spain, to be published on Tuesday, 14 March, analyses the factors behind the country’s economic recovery, as well as the challenges that remain to making growth stronger and more inclusive.

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  • 6-December-2016


  • 30-November-2016


    Revenue Statistics 2016: Country highlights

    This annual publication presents detailed country notes and internationally comparable tax data for all OECD countries from 1965 onwards.

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