DAC global relations

Engaging with Arab providers of development co-operation


Arab providers of development co-operation have been contributing substantial amounts of official development assistance (ODA) for decades and have considerable experience to share on promoting economic growth and reducing poverty in developing countries. Engaging with Arab providers is consequently a priority for the OECD Development Assistance Committee's (DAC) Global Relations.


Promoting dialogue

» Qatar becomes a Participant in the DAC

» United Arab Emirates becomes the first Participant in the DAC

» The Arab-DAC Dialogue on Development


Tracking trends

» Development co-operation flows:

» Islamic Development Bank's statistical reporting to the DAC


Strengthening management of development co-operation

» DAC Quality Standards for Development Evaluation - trilingual version: Arabic/French/English

» The Development Co-operation Directorate (DCD) organised statistical seminars with:

» The DCD organised aid management seminars with:

  • UAE in 2013 and 2011