Marchés financiers, assurance et pensions

In focus

OECD work on financial markets promotes efficient, open, stable and sound market-oriented financial systems, based on high levels of transparency, confidence, and integrity

The OECD Long-term Investment Project

The increasingly short supply of long-term capital since the 2008 financial crisis has profound implications for growth and financial stability. This project encourages institutional investors to act in their long-term capacity.


Financial sector guarantees

‌Guarantees have become an instrument of first choice for addressing multiple financial policy objectives. These reports analyse guarantees in light of ongoing market developments, incoming data and related analysis and discussions.


Financial consumer protection

G20 finance ministers have agreed new principles to boost financial consumer protection. These principles form part of a broader initiative by G20 leaders to strengthen trust and confidence in the financial sector.


Monitoring sovereign borrowing

Trends and developments associated with sovereign borrowing requirements and debt levels from the perspective of debt managers.


Financial market trends

Trends and prospects in the international and major domestic financial markets and structural issues and developments in financial markets and the financial sector.


Sovereign debt and financial stability

‌In-depth analysis addresses the financial market dimension of sovereign debt challenges to assist policymakers in designing, adopting, and implementing appropriate policies.