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  • 26-July-2019


    Digital Government Review of Panama - Enhancing the Digital Transformation of the Public Sector

    This review explores how Panama can enhance and harness digital government to achieve broader strategic goals at both national and local levels. It looks at institutional governance, legislation, and inter-departmental co-ordination, including institutional capacities and skills for delivering quality public services. It identifies opportunities for making public service delivery more efficient and inclusive, as well as for expanding the strategic use of data. The review provides policy recommendations to help Panama enable and sustain the digital transformation of the public sector.
  • 18-July-2019


    Roles and responsibilities of actors for digital security

    This report summarises discussions at the first event of the OECD Global Forum on Digital Security for Prosperity. Participants examined stakeholders' roles and responsibilities in the governance of digital security risk in organisations, and how to improve digital security of technologies throughout their life cycle.

  • 17-July-2019

    English, PDF, 978kb

    Going Digital Summit: A summary of discussions

    The OECD Going Digital Summit held in Paris on 11-12 March 2019 brought together policy makers and other experts met to map the way forward on policy making in the digital era. Discussions covered issues such as jobs and skills, high quality broadband access, trade and competition, data and privacy, and artificial intelligence.

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  • 15-July-2019


    The effects of zero rating

    This report looks at the economics of zero rating - when certain types of traffic are not counted against a consumer’s download allowance by the Internet access service - and key policy issues such as its effects on competition and innovation. It also compares regulatory approaches across several countries.

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  • 11-July-2019


    The road to 5G networks: Experience to date and future developments

    This report examines what the future of 5G could mean for communication markets in terms of investment, good practices in spectrum management, competition, coverage and meeting the increasing requirements of the digital transformation, with a focus on case studies from OECD countries. lt also explores how 5G may represent a paradigm shift, as it is the first standard conceived with the IoT in mind.

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  • 9-juillet-2019


    Statistiques du haut débit de l'OCDE

    L’utilisation des données mobiles a entraîné une hausse de 8% des abonnements au haut débit mobile dans les pays de l’OCDE en 2018.

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  • 27-June-2019


    Digital Government in Peru - Working Closely with Citizens

    This digital government study explores the state of the digitalisation of the public sector in Peru. It addresses recent efforts to build an institutional and legal framework to support the digital transformation of the public sector. It also discusses the design and delivery of, and access to, public services, and the role that digital technologies can play in improving them. Finally, this report assesses the state of data governance and open data in Peru’s public sector.
  • 25-June-2019


    Digital Government Review of Argentina - Accelerating the Digitalisation of the Public Sector

    This Digital Government Review highlights the efforts taking place in Argentina to digitalise and improve data governance in its public sector and build the foundations for a digital government. The review explores Argentina’s institutional, legal and policy frameworks and their strategic role in the digital transformation of the public sector. The report also discusses how to reinforce the capacity of the public sector to 'go digital' and better respond to citizens' needs. It explores how ICT procurement, management, and commissioning can help improve public sector accountability and efficiency, as well as support greater policy coherence and compliance with digital government standards. The review ends with a discussion on the state of data governance in the public sector, including data leadership and stewardship, rules and platforms for data production, sharing and interoperability, data protection, data federation, and open government data initiatives.
  • 21-June-2019


    Measuring digital security risk management practices in businesses

    This report synthesises an OECD project to develop a framework and a set of statistical indicators that can be used to assess the digital security (cybersecurity) risk management practices of businesses. It also provides recommendations for future efforts to build on this project.

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  • 11-June-2019


    Artificial Intelligence in Society

    The artificial intelligence (AI) landscape has evolved significantly from 1950 when Alan Turing first posed the question of whether machines can think. Today, AI is transforming societies and economies. It promises to generate productivity gains, improve well-being and help address global challenges, such as climate change, resource scarcity and health crises. Yet, as AI applications are adopted around the world, their use can raise questions and challenges related to human values, fairness, human determination, privacy, safety and accountability, among others. This report helps build a shared understanding of AI in the present and near-term by mapping the AI technical, economic, use case and policy landscape and identifying major public policy considerations. It is also intended to help co-ordination and consistency with discussions in other national and international fora.
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