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OPSI Systems Thinking Workshop

Working with Change: Systems Approaches to Public Challenges 28 February 2017, Paris

Hosted by the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI), Public Governance and Territorial Directorate, OECD

Location: OECD Conference Centre, 2 rue André Pascal, 75016 Paris

Participants: public sector managers, systems thinkers; experts and researchers in the field

This workshop helps to better understand how systems approaches can enhance public policies and service delivery through more user-tailored and adaptive governance processes. The workshop is inspired by the work of the OPSI under the European Union Horizon 2020 framework. Leveraging the experience of both public sector managers and systems thinkers, the workshop will discuss challenges, opportunities and tactics for systems change in the public sector and will define the future agenda for the Observatory work in the field.

Read the draft workshop agenda

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2016 Conference Overview

About the Conference

On March 30-31st 2016 in Santiago, Chile, the Laboratorio de Gobierno of the Chilean Government and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) hosted Future State: Innovation for the People, an international public innovation conference. Future State 2016 was primarily open to public sector practitioners, social entrepreneurs and civil society organisations working in the field of public sector innovation. The core of the discussion was on citizen-focused innovation, labs, and the challenges of enabling innovation in the public sector.

Why Future State?

To imagine how our states and governments should be in the future, we need to start from the people: Future State is an invitation to citizens, civil servants, politicians, academics and entrepreneurs to think together the future of public services. How to support innovation processes in the public sector to be centred in people’s collaboration and with the focus on creating public value? Where are the best examples of this kind of innovations? What are the barriers and challenges to innovate within the state? What are the institutions we need to create for these tasks? What capabilities we need to develop? What is the value we give to technology and new knowledge? Which role to citizen participation? Which to the private sector? Future State aims to be a space to debate these questions with the perspective of envisioning states and governments willing to change, creators of spaces of collaboration and opportunities to innovate, fostering that citizens and civil servants can develop the capabilities to think, create and implement public services with real impact on people’s lives.

Day 1 – 30 March, 2016


High level introduction: Setting the Scene

Rodrigo Egaña

Jorge Burgos

Mari Kiviniemi

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Morning Plenary panel

Rodrigo Egaña

Luis de Mello

Eduardo Bitran


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Breakout Sessions

Innovation for Citizens: Experience-based discussion on citizen-focused innovation from practitioners who have realised and implemented innovations. Focus on successful case studies to set the scene.

Breakout session 1 – The role of citizens: Participation and social inclusion. Innovation for, by and with the people

Danae Mlynarz

Francoise Waintrop

Jesper Christiansen

Carolina Pozo

Josefa Errázuriz

Breakout session 2 – Cities as spaces for innovation: Infrastructure, systems and public city services

Alejandro Gutiérrez

James Anderson

Marco Steinberg

Claudio Orrego

Daniel Jadue

Breakout session 3 – Social-digital innovation: New technologies for citizen-oriented services

Barbara Ubaldi

Louise Palludan

Nick Wise

Rudi Borrman

Jorge Alzamora

Breakout session 4 – New standards for innovation: Open Government, transparency and data governance

Rodrigo Mora

Enrique Zapata Pérez

Álvaro Ramírez-Alujas

Carlos Vignolo

Danilo Sturiza

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Hands-on experience of how labs have developed innovative solutions for citizen challenges. Each workshop is oriented around a specific citizen challenge that a Lab has actually developed a solution for; the lab would introduce and set out how they developed a solution, engaging participants in group activities that provide a taste of the Lab’s methodology/approach.

Workshop 1 – Immersive methods for public sector innovation: working with civil servants

Stéphane Vincent - La 27e Région

Workshop 2 – Enhancing civil service capabilities for managing innovation

Daniel Gerson - OECD

Workshop 3 – Capabilities for innovation: learning by doing

Bas Leurs - NESTA

Workshop 4 – Prototyping public services

Thomas Prehn - MindLab

Workshop 5 – Innovation in cities

James Anderson - Bloomberg Philanthropies

Workshop 6 – Building transformation capacity into government

Marco Steinberg

Workshop 7 – Developing open challenges

Sascha Haselmayer

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‌Closing Plenary

Juán Felipe López

Matthew Taylor

Mario Marcel‌


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Day 2 – 31 March, 2016

Morning Plenary panel

Álvaro Diaz

Geoff Mulgan

Gonzalo Rivas



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Breakout Sessions

Challenges of enabling innovation, 4 dimensions: Institutions, complexity of services, capabilities, investment.

Breakout session 5 – Institutions, strategy and governance for public sector innovation agenda

Enrique Paris

Marco Daglio

Fernando Barraza

Silvia Da Rosa

Enrique Zapata Pérez

Breakout session 6 – New services for new citizenship: public service design methods for human centred public services

Nicolás Rebolledo

Jesper Christiansen

Stéphane Vincent

Juán Felipe López

Breakout session 7  Creating capabilities for public sector innovation

Gianncarlo Durán

Daniel Gerson

Sabine Junginger

Bas Leurs

Pedro Guerra

Breakout session 8 – New public-private partnerships: Public investment & Procurement for innovation

Andrés Zahler

Francisco Jaime Quesado

Sascha Haselmayer

Trinidad Inostroza

Claudio Muñoz

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Closing Panel: Building an innovation agenda for the future

Bárbara Ubaldi

Nicolás Eyzaguirre

Luis Felipe Céspedes

Rodrigo Egaña‌


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Systems Thinking Workshop

OECD HQ Paris, February 28, 2017









Progress report for the baseline study: Skills and institutional readiness for more innovative publics sector institutions in Chile

The Innovation Imperative in the Public Sector: Setting an Agenda for Action


Greeting from Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile

Plenary Sessions


March 30 / March 31