Economic Globalisation - Does globalisation promote development?


Globalisation first promoted the development of industrialised countries, then, in the past 20 years, that of emerging countries. While some developing countries are following in their footsteps, others have become marginalised or weakened by opening to international markets. Extreme global poverty has diminished, but is still ingrained in certain regions. In many countries, inequalities have deepened.  Globalisation can only promote development if certain political conditions are combined.

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Chapter 5 studies the impact of globalisation on development. Some countries (particularly emerging economies) have clearly benefited from globalisation. But for others, its impact on their overall development, as well as on their poverty and inequality levels – in other words, on their people – isn’t so clear-cut.

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  Source: “Globalisation and Emerging Economies”, Policy Brief, March 2009, OECD, Paris, updated with the latest global development indicators available.


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