Economic Globalisation - Growing economic integration in a divided world (from 1945 to the 1990s)


Despite rivalries between ideological blocs, international trade recovered spectacularly in the post-war era. Western trade liberalisation occurred in a multilateral context which, combined with advances in transportation and communication modes, created an ecosystem favourable to increasingly intertwoven economies. This ecosystem allowed companies to develop their activities beyond borders. Multinationals were very important in helping to shape the face of globalisation.

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Chapter 3 shows how Western economic integration grew stronger after the Second World War, thanks both to the dynamism of business following the reconstruction and the institutional process of liberalising international trade. Yet the world remained economically fragmented until the early 1990s, due to very limited trade between Western and communist bloc countries.

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  Source: OECD (2007), OECD Economic Outlook, Vol. 2007/1, OECD Publishing.

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