Economic Globalisation - Introduction


Economic globalisation is highly controversial – even more so since the recent global economic crisis. “Pro-globalists” and “anti-globalists” (also known as “alter-globalists”) have hotly debated the issue for a good twenty years. Most of this planet’s inhabitants experience some of the considerable benefi ts and also the tragic downside of globalisation in their daily lives. It is essential to trace the history of this complex phenomenon and the various forms it takes if we want to tackle the challenges it brings in its wake.

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The goal of this book is to assess globalisation as objectively as possible, drawing on OECD data and analyses and other reliable sources.
We begin with an explanation of global economic integration,tracing its history and briefly describing its extent today and the second part of this book evaluates the current effects of globalisation and analyses its impact on four crucial sectors: employment, development, environment and financial stability.

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