International Migration - Migration and Education


Education can help young migrants integrate into society, learn the local language and develop the skills they will need for the adult world. Unfortunately, their track record in schooling is mixed – some do exceptionally well but others encounter problems that can hold them back throughout life.



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Chapter 4 looks at how well immigrants do in education, drawing on data from the OECD’s PISA student-testing programme. It then looks at ways in which migrants can be helped to make up educational shortfalls. Finally, it examines the growing importance of the international student – an example of migration for education – and why universities and governments might like to see even more of them.

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The OECD’s PISA programme tests the competencies of 15-year-old students in more than 60 countries. Among the factors it examines is the impact on student performance of coming from an immigrant background. To find out more about PISA go to

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