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Supporting LAC countries in their reform efforts


The OECD has never been closer to the LAC region: Chile and Mexico are OECD member countries, and Colombia and Costa Rica are in the process of acession. The Organisation also has a a co-operation programme with our Key Partner Brazil and is completing a two year country co-operation programme with Peru, and Argentina is stepping up its engagement via a tailored Action Plan. All of these countries, as well as the Dominican Republic, Panama, Paraguayand Uruguay, are members of the OECD Development Centre.

The OECD LAC Regional Programme aims to be an inclusive framework for all Latin American countries to engage with the OECD. A broad range of LAC countries already engage with the OECD through regional initiatives and networks and by participating in OECD Bodies, Global Forums, and International Surveys such as the Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA) and the Programme International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC). Members of the Development Centre participate in its Governing Board and engage in policy dialogue with other emerging countries in two specific networks on Global Value Chains and Natural Resource Based Development.



 Member Countries: Chile and Mexico

 Accession: Colombia and Costa Rica

 Key Partner: Brazil

 Country Programme: Peru

 Members of the Development Centre: ArgentinaBrazilChile,  Colombia,  Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico,  PanamaParaguayPeru, and Uruguay

 Other forms of engagement:


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