MCM 2019 Documents

› Strategic Orientations of the Secretary-General 
   Declaration on Public Sector Innovation
 Reference : C/MIN(2019)6

› Key Issues Paper
   Reference C/MIN(2019)2
  › Progress Report on National Contact Points for Responsible Business Conduct
  Reference C/MIN(2019)7

› Recommendation of the Council on Artificial Intelligence
   Reference : C/MIN(2019)3/FINAL

› OECD Skills Strategy 2019: Skills to Shape a Better Future
   Reference C/MIN(2019)8 

› Revision of the Codes of Liberalisation 
   Reference C/MIN(2019)4/FINAL & C/MIN(2019)4/ADD1
  › Making OECD Standards and Policies Count on a Global  Scale 
   Reference C/MIN(2019)11

› Recommendation of the Council on Guidelines on Anti-Corruption and Integrity in State-owned Enterprises
  Reference : C/MIN(2019)5/FINAL

  › Progress Report on Standard Setting Review
Reference : C/MIN(2019)13

See also the Compedium of OECD Legal Instruments

These documents will be available once they are declassified.

Background Reports

Enhancing the Contribution of digitalisation to  the smart cities of the Future