PISA 2018 Database


From this page, you can currently download the questionnaires that were administered to students, school principals, teachers and parents in PISA 2018.

You will later be able to download the full PISA 2018 dataset with both information on student performance and the full set of responses to these questionnaires. These files will be of use to statisticians and professional researchers who would like to undertake their own analysis of the PISA 2018 data. The files that will later be made available on this page include codebooks, data files and compendia.


Below are the master questionnaires administered to students who sat the computer-based assessment; each country translated these questionnaires into their own language(s). These master questionnaires are also available in French. Students who sat the paper-based assessment also completed questionnaires that can be found via the following links: English and French.